Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I probably went a long jump

NFL not to mean that Bolt will be losing its bright future career prospects replica nfl jerseys. NFL commercial value of all professional sports leagues is the world's absolute champion. In April this year, "Forbes" magazine published the highest market value of 10 sports clubs, NFL Union accounted for 6 seats. As early as after the Olympic Games in Beijing, there are rumors wholesale nfl jersey that Bolt might be too small because the current money to join the world's richest NFL. However, this Bolt himself denied the rumor, in part because he can not make too tall to play his favorite position. "I do not want to play in the NFL," Bolt said, "If I went to NFL, I do not want to dislodge Wei, but they said I was too high. They do not want me to play an external member position. They (the external member) will be often faced with collision, I do not like that. "However, the 23-year-old Bolt Daoshi would also like to try playing football:" This is good. I will certainly consider more carefully the soccer thing. "

Currently the highest paid NFL player is the Atlanta Hawks All-Star Falcon quarterback Michael Vick. He signed a 10-year contract, salary is 100 million 30 million U.S. dollars. The New Orleans Saints team's star player Leijibushen current annual income from 24 million U.S. dollars is the "Forbes" published in the most profitable one of the celebrities under the age of 25. At present, 23-year-old Bolt, the annual income of five million U.S. dollars, however, and a far cry from the former.

Although not go NFL, Bolt on his career there are still careful planning. He also said he is likely to run 400 meters in the next try, but do not want to participate in the project training.He also hoped that late in his career to take part in long jump competition. "I want to be able to participate before retiring," he said, "This is not something I want to do. If there are young athletes emerge to defeat me, I probably went a long jump."Three gold Olympic medalist, world champion Bolt Monday, said he has no plans to go to the U.S. National Football League NFL play, and said that if young people would be likely to win the long jump.

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