Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ghd hair straight out of the monotonous

In 2009 the natural Partial Liu

Ghd hair highlights the overall level of increase in weight in the sense of this short hair, with emphasis on the end of the hair volume and outer volume within the mixture of free perm. The ghd hair Rouhuan prominent head of the arc of the jump part of the hair feeling beautiful, yet feminine, a good impression degrees straight up. Relative to 2008 Qi Liu, 2009 Liu natural Partial pop up again.

Liu soft and flexible, with the flavor of leisure is attracted to. Liu, and both sides of the ramp so that the hair covers the temple and cheek area is critical. How to make bangs and the hair on both sides of the transition between the natural, in the contours of the face should be modified inadvertently your next homework. 2009's GHD Hair Design Liu Qi will not do long hair, short hair highlighted in three-dimensional sense of a more refreshing is not boring.

From the monotonous ghd straight hair styling, the air a sense of hierarchy Fashao gorgeous hair, to show that you great fashionable temperament, with the new fashionable clothing can do is not NG. Cecil clear the fringe hanging to the eye, natural levels of bangs, the air feeling full. Face side of jaw length hair below 2CM, together with smooth hair, tightly wrapped to live cheek, and you will be more refined facial features charming.

Suitable for hair fall flat crush

Particularly suitable for ghd hair fall flat crush, carve, "the" word distribution line you decide not to be missed, it can magically make your hair fluffy up. Both sides of the soft, fluffy hair covers the cheeks, immediately emerged in the face thin lines. Note cheeks and neck around the hair to make within a rolling three-dimensional contours of a more clear-cut.

The most popular being reckless BOB fluffy head

A round face crush not miss the most popular being reckless BOB fluffy head, choose a shape modification effect of Pharmacy and digital perm, with the full sense of sexual freedom, choose the smaller number of hair stick will be sent out of bending the end of volume, and create a out of thick hair tail covers the cheeks, the natural partial modification of the face is round shortcomings.

Bianshen workplace popular hairstyle

Clean and elegant to short hair too often gives the impression of a neutral feminine enough. With the air a sense of curling irons to create a unique soft ghd hair, women can not resist the charm. Maintain the hair length and the collar at the end of Wei Juan and outward tilt is the key. Not only to highlight your slender neck that line, but also pretty cute. Liu allocated to the natural side of the sub-feel more knowledgeable, Bianshen very popular hairstyle workplace.

With the taste of leisure

Popular throughout the 2008's charming long hair you tired? Multiple changes in 2009 this season short hair and a strong rise in ghd has become the major Tokyo in 2009 strongly recommended hair stylists hair styling. Meimei were not far behind the trend, come changes for the 2009's own new hairstyle and let you become the focus of the limelight.

Ghd hair straight out of the monotonous GHD style

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