Sunday, June 13, 2010

Discussion was more than two hours

Discussion was more than two hours, from Martin Luther 3 World Open discussion off, he described the location of the forum was the year Martin Luther in the April 2, 1968 staying at the Lorraine Motel (Lorraine Motel), that day Nobel Peace Prize winner Martin Luther was a tramp Ray (James Earl Ray) assassinated, so the motel in 1991 was changed to "National Human Rights Museum." And human rights in order to commemorate Martin Luther's contribution to the African-American, Martin Luther's death came out, the National League and American League New York Mets, Chicago White Sox played once a day, "Martin Luther King memorial competition."

Martin Luther 3, the museum world and to play his grandmother (Coretta Scott King) for the museum to record an unforgettable voice: "There is a strong atmosphere of hate, it spread in the air, you know it will happen."

The wife said to Martin Luther witness is home run king Aaron, he said he had in April 1954 when the players to October 3, 1976, although already known, "but we can live in isolation hotel and were isolated house, "Allen said:" We must be particularly hard, as is so in the future more African migrants are likely to get more opportunities. "

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