Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The worst is that he's pitching would have encouraged us

"The worst is that he's pitching would have encouraged us," catcher AJ Peel JI said, "It looks like he returned here, he is healthy, ball quickly, in good spirits. He came back, we can count on him a. "

Kart list of just 15, back injury, that is due to right elbow tendinitis, a rest for 3 weeks. Gui Lan sure this time the team's rotation list to have much impact. "It's very unfortunate for us," Gui Lan said, "I think, now, we may need Kaluosike to start, because he pitch better way. We'll have him doing some preparation. But now I do not know. I am not 100% sure. But in my opinion, he is a person we need. "Kaluosike replaced, voted 4 another 1 / 3 innings, gave up a hit, it solves the previous 9 hitter. He naturally became an option in the list of White Sox rotation, he would probably get the chance.

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