Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Johnson giant blame game was played in the three-base hit

Johnson giant blame game was played in the three-base hit, which smashed three doubles 2 points, but the biggest flaw is when the 6 was an out, there are two base runners, Padres left fielder Huber (Justin Huber) to Johnson played left field for a record home run ball at the wall, breath add 3 points, to 6 on the Padres kick down to 6:1 lead, even to whistle.

In contrast Padres starter Wolf, in fact, was shot in Arizona, three-base hit, but fortunately this three-base hit only lost 1 point, with his teammates than the Diamondbacks Team blow coherent, Wolff was able to win this Field Yankee, now 2 wins 0 lose; and defeated Johnson, swallow the No. 1 loss season, the opening pitcher is still unknown.

The current record of 13 wins 5 lost, winning percentage of .722 in Arizona, still ranked No. 1 overall in the Major League. Padres 9 wins 10 lost, winning percentage not more than half of the top 5 in the NL West teams of 3.

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