Thursday, April 8, 2010

Quarter of the first outer reinforcement rating Phillies, Dodgers end crane

U.S. columnist that the Phillies last season after the success of such players to retain its investment in Hanmeiersi, list the title in the reinforcement, while the Dodge will become the end of the cable car.

U.S. Major League spring training start has been nearly one week, teams both old and new players gradually getting better, and today the United States, "Sports Illustrated" columnist Jon Heyman, general manager of the teams are in this winter's "performance" to make rankings last year won the World Series champion Philadelphia Phillies Home artificial biggest winner in the Los Angeles Dodgers are suffering ranks bottom of the bit.

Away teams last season in Philadelphia after nearly 28 years history of the World Series title, strong cast of young Cole Hamels, slugger Ryan Howard and other players to win your hero, baseball season outside busted their ass to finally signed a value of 20.5 million, respectively U.S., 54 million dollars in three-year contract and waived the salary arbitration trouble.

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