Thursday, April 22, 2010

People said he began feeling a pain two days ago

People said he began feeling a pain two days ago. Some of his recent pitching problem. This season, his 12 starts, 1 win 5 losses, 5.83 ERA rates. This season most of the time, he struggles with forearm inflammation. The pain is very severe, so he disabled list in July. Now he found that his elbow problems there.
"It's disappointing," general manager Jimubodeng said, "We now know that his elbow ligament surrounded by calcification, which caused the problem. Miqiao En pitcher Tom accepted normal operation, this will to produce calcification. In most cases, this will not affect the ligaments or elbow. In some cases, will also affect. to see a doctor how to say Andrew. I feel sorry for the Hill, no one harder than he. No one vigil more disappointed. Now the key issue is how to make up his recovery. We tried to do so, he is also working. We will persevere. " cheap mlb jerseys

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