Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Skill Perform Among the Most Significant Period

No concern how, swimming inside of the clouds as nicely since the flow of consuming drinking water is among the heaven and earth, the artist with among the most resounding of gold and red-colored create a bank loan provider of huge houses, but also would make the show brilliant and sunny vibrant, whole expression using the artist's dynamics the elegance of effective feelings. stated that this truly is just the Seine near to Paris peach town, also a painter Vladimir Mink and Teresa lived and engaged in painting utilizing the place. At a comparable time, this place is heading to be the development of his skill perform among the most significant period, he might properly be regarded since the golden age. As he following writes: "In this time period of time of art, I improved the intensity of all colors. ... I experienced been a violent rebel, a courage of rowing. ... In my show only there is color, I along the lines of the symphony in general, they weave inside of the picture, to transform them in to some efficient expressive elements, I employed to possess this fabulous glimpse at using the psychological resonance. "He liked to think using the beast , theme to any command and constraints, he prefers the independence of heaven and earth is whole of flying. His representative operates are "river", "Still Life", etc., we also strongly felt in these operates the artist gives us the distinctive elegance using the painting.

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